Kim Kardashian wore a jacket with her own face painted on it

Because, Kim Kardashian.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Kim Kardashian leather jacket

We all know Kimmy K loves herself some… well... Kimmy K. We might not go as far to say that she loves her more than Kanye loves Kanye, but we WOULD consider that maybe she loves her more than Kanye loves her. Following? OK, now that we‘ve got that sorted, can we please all direct our attention to Kim’s latest style choice, which she so casually wore to celebrate her BFF, Jonathan Cheban’s, birthday dinner at Nobu in LA. It is, indeed, a leather biker jacket which has had her face painted on it (both front and back, brunette and blonde) along with the word “chill” down the sleeve. TBH, we actually freaking love it. Personalised digs are all the rage at the moment and we just think, hey, if you’re sick of the old monogram thing, why not just love yourself so much that you’re confident to wear your own face on your clothes? You just can’t argue with that kind of girl power. All the more to you, Kimmy! You so baw$$y.