This is what it costs for Kim Kardashian to dress like Kim Kardashian

Hint: it’s a lot.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Kim Kardashian stylist costs

In recent years Kim Kardashian has really taken her style-cred to a whole new level. She’s ditched the super glitzy glam look for something a little more modern, fresh and cool, whilst still putting her Kim stamp on it.

We know changes started happening after she hooked up with her hubby, Kanye West, who had a major influence on her wardrobe, but apparently now he isn’t the only one who is directing Kim down this super stylish path. Kim owes a lot of her fabulous outfit choices to her stylist, Christine Centenera, who also happens to be the Fashion Director at Vogue Australia. But word on the street is these services don’t come cheap.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Centenera reportedly earns up to $1 million to keep Kimmy looking like, well, Kimmy. And we’re guessing that doesn’t include what she actually spends on the clothes she keeps as well as all of the people she pays to be part of her “glam squad” (i.e. hair and makeup team). The two first met back in 2011 when Christine was working as a style consultant for Kanye’s fashion line and remained close ever since. It is even rumoured that Christine is thinking about moving to the U.S. to work for the uber famous Kardashian full time, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Regardless of what she’s being paid, the reality is Christine has worked absolute magic on Kim Kardashian’s overall look. We can’t imagine it would have been an easy task convincing 2011 Kim to ditch the bandage dresses and platformed heels! That achievement alone is absolutely priceless. RELATED: Kim Kardashian posts sweetest message to Kanye West for their 2-year anniversary RELATED: Kim Kardashian wants to dress up as Kanye's ex Amber Rose for Halloween RELATED VIDEO: Kim Kardashian teaches us how to strobe