This brand claims to have proof that Kylie Jenner stole their designs

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In case you missed it: Just a few days ago, Kylie Jenner dropped a new line of camo designs. As with most things that Kylie does, there was immediate controversy. Within hours, Twitter accused her of ripping off Destiny's Child.

Now, indie brand PluggedNYC have come forward to accuse Kylie of plagiarising their line of camouflage streetwear. The brand's CEO and creative director, Tizita Balemlay, posted the below image to Instagram, showing the striking similarities between her designs (pictured right) and Kylie's (pictured left).

To add another dimension to the story, Balemlay claims that Jenner is a customer of PluggedNYC. According to Fashionista, Balemlay posted a series of screenshots to her Instagram story, showing conversations the brand had with a member of Kylie's staff. Is this proof that she did, in fact, steal the aesthetic from PluggedNYC?

In the alleged emails, Kylie's assistant tells PluggedNYC that she is a big fan of the brand. "Kylie is loving these tops (images attached) it's basically her favourite," the staff member says. "I wanted to ask if it'd be possible to make custom tops for her in different colours?"

In a statement to Fashionista, PluggedNYC said:

"At the end of [the] day money is power and the Kardashains have both. It doesn't matter if she wore my stuff previously then literally shoots same Concept with same shoes and all.

"But at the end of day this will be all blown over tomorow her sales will continue, I can never have a billboard in the middle of the city. Money is power, they can take a whole movement just bc of prices. Money rules the world if you haven't noticed."

Yeesh. We hope that both Kylie and PluggedNYC can come to an agreement.