Twitter is NOT okay with Kylie Jenner getting credit for a trend Destiny’s Child started

Anyone else getting major déjà vu RN?

By Natasha Harding
Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to being called a copycat. Over the last year Kylie’s been accused of drawing inspo from/ripping off smaller creatives multiple times.

Remember the Lip Kit and Kyshadow palette ~dramah~? And that Coachella hair sitch with the NZ blogger? Yep, awks.

Now Ky-lizzle’s gone and dropped her latest Kylie Shop collection and it’s happening again y’all.

The only difference is, this time, someone else is getting dragged for giving Ky credit.

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Earlier this week Kylie debuted her brand spankin’ new camo bikinis on Insta, much to the delight of avid fans.

A few hours later, Perez Hilton took to Twitter to share the new release, stating that Kylie was a trendsetter who was ‘trying to make camo bikinis a thing’:

It was here that die hard ‘00s kids cracked the shits, pointing out that Destiny’s Child rocked the OG camo bikini in their ‘Survivor’ vid over 16 years ago, meaning Ky definitely was NOT the first to make the trend ‘a thing’.

Moral of the story? NEVER offend Destiny’s Child fans, even if only by accident, ‘cause they WILL correct you.

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