Kylie Jenner's new hoodie is SO cropped, it doesn't even reach her boobs

'WOW' doesn't even begin to cover it.

By Natasha Harding
Kylie Jenner hoodie

First thing's first. Anybody who knows anything about Kylie Jenner knows that, just like Kim, she ain't about to play it safe in the wardrobe department. In fact, her absolutely ~fearless~ approach to fashion is one of the reasons ppl love her so goddamn much.

But despite the fact we've seen her rep everything from highlighter-hued wigs to see through bras, her latest look has even us like:

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Kylie stepped out in New York City overnight and her hoodie is a sight to behold.

Why? 'Cos it's practically non-existent.

Check it out for yourself:

Yep, it's that tiny white thing sitting just below her neck.

And before you say, 'but maybe it's part of the black top', here's aclose up for you, showing they're clearly not attached at the hem of the white hoodie:

Ooooooook then.

TBF, we have to admit, Kylie makes absolutely anything look FIRE, including ridiculous hoodies, so power to her.

Our only question is, 'aren't you cold, hun?'

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