Travis Scott’s bday present to Kylie Jenner kinda looks like a noughties lucky dip prize

And it cost $76,000 😱.

By Natasha Harding
Kylie Jenner Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to EXTRA birthday presents. To refresh your memory, ex-boyf Tyga gave her a swanky AF Mercedes last birthday after surprising her with a Ferrari the year before. Now her rumoured new bae, Travis Scott, followed suit for Ky-lizzle’s 20th, splashing out on a $76,000 ($60,000 USD) gift.

In keeping with the couple’s butterfly obsession–the pair just got matching butterfly tattoos, and Trav released a tune called ‘Butterfly Effect’ after they were thought to start dating–the rapper reportedly bought a glitzy as hell necklace, complete with blingy b.flies.

According to TMZ, the piece is made of 28 VVS diamonds and is made by jeweller Elliot Avianne.

Avianne then shared a pic of the suspected necklace on his Instagram with the caption ‘Happy Birthday @kyliejenner’, indicating this was in fact the piece gifted to the youngest Jenner sister.

While the necklace certainly isn’t for everyone, we’ll be keeping an eye out for pics of the bling on Ky-Lizzle’s Insta so see how she styles it.