Lady Gaga got a lift to dinner on Bradley Cooper’s motorbike, totally looked the part

And we want to be in their biker gang.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper motorbike ride

We love a girl who likes to keep to a theme and that’s exactly what Lady Gaga did when Bradley Cooper decided he’d be taking her out to dinner on his motorbike. Rumour has it the two friends could potentially be working on a movie together, which wouldn’t surprise us given Gaga’s amazing past year in film. And NO, they aren’t dating/flirting/cheating on their respective partners. They were probably just headed out to talk about future business prospects over a bite to eat and because they’re totes normal and don’t need chauffers and stuff Brad probs just offered to pick her up on his bike because it’s a fast and efficient way to get through traffic (and paparazzi). Also, biker gang. They probably wanted to start a biker gang.

Maybe their new movie will be about biker gangs and they’re just getting in character?

Gaga obviously had a bit of warning about this two-wheeled mode of transport, because she totally nailed the whole biker-chic look, opting for ripped jeans, a leather jacket and studded boots for the occasion.

Can you IMAGINE if he just rocked up to her house without warning and she was waiting at the door in Armadillo heels and a meat dress? It would have been a disaster. Anyway, we want in on the whole badass biker thing. Especially if it involves Bradley Cooper. Just sayin'. RELATED: Lady Gaga's Oscars performance with survivors of sexual assault was crazy powerful RELATED: Lady Gaga is Jennifer Lawrence's biggest fangirl right now RELATED VIDEO: Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney get a little carried away on Kiss Cam