McDonald's just released a line of Big Mac Merchandise

We want need it all!

By Lyndsey Matthews
Mc Donalds BigMac Fashion Collection

If you are what you eat, then why not wear your love of Big Macs on your sleeve?

McDonald's is releasing a collection of Big Mac-inspired t-shirts, hats, bags and mobile phone cases in partnership with Japanese clothing brand Beams today. The Big Mac merch will be on sale on the Japanese site Rakuten, but they ship internationally so you'll be able to get your hands on these items.

However, unless you can read Japanese, you'll need Google Translate handy. You'll also need to act quickly. Only 300 of each item is for sale for 3,900 yen (about $47 AUD at press time).

Here's the full collection:

If you weren't able to get your hands on a bottle of Big Mac sauce last winter, they're also selling 300 jars of Big Mac sauce for 1,900 yen or about $23 AUD each.

These items go on sale at midnight in Tokyo or 4pm GMT today.

Via: Cosmopolitan UK