McDonald's is releasing a clothing line so you can wear your favourite food

Eat the Big Mac. BE the Big Mac.

By Jessica Chandra
McDonald's McDelivery apparel collection

There are people who love McDonald’s when it suits them — hello, 3am cheeseburger and fries on a Saturday — and those who love McDonald’s all the damn time.

If you or your friends fall into the second category, this news will be music to your ears.

On top of recently announcing that they had teamed up with UberEATS so you can order the good stuff and have it delivered whenever you want (this kicks off tomorrow, BTW), McDonald’s has created a ~fashion-forward~ line of comfy apparel and homewares, appropriately called the McDelivery collection.

It includes a onesie, a sweat suit, and our personal favourite: a pillowcase set. (The slides aren’t available in Australia, unforch.)

It’s definitely geared towards Big Mac lovers, as pretty much everything is covered in Big Macs (and the occasional pack of fries).

So how do you get your hands on these pieces? (Or your bodies in them, more like it.) The FREE collection will be available to people who order McDelivery on July 26 for as long as supplies last.

Better be quick, people, as it’s bound to go fast! Head here for more information.

Get a closer look at the items below.