Mischa Barton is headed for ‘The Hills’, so let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit her all-time best fashion looks

We're high-key living for these throwbacks.

By Ana Zupanoska

Most people would recognise her as the privileged Marissa Cooper, from TV hit series, The O.C. that first aired on screens in the early 2000s and we so desperately lived for each week.

Her designer-label-packed wardrobe also sealed her fate in stardom and was heavily referenced in the noughties era. Even though we want to cringe at the outfits she wore back then, today...

But you're probably thinking why are we talking about Mischa Barton now?

Well, Mischa Barton is back peeps and we're talking in a big way.

She was recently captured in a selfie with her new co-stars Audrina Partrige and Stephanie Pratt, confirming that Mischa would be joining them on reality TV series: The Hills: New Beginnings.

Stay tuned, but for now let's reminisce some of Mishca Barton's iconic fashion moments and pray that we can expect more of the same on The Hills.