Another major brand isn't airbrushing models' stretch marks and we're here for it

Where is our clapping hands emoji?

By Laura Capon

Clothes shopping is both the best and worst part of the payday experience. Obviously new garms make us happy, but the reminder that we're already straight back in our overdrafts is something that we're not here for.

The other all too common dilemma with clothes shopping is the body confidence crisis that always manages to rear its ugly head.

Whether it be the 360 mirror in the changing room that makes you wonder if that's really what you look like from behind, or the impossibly beautiful models online that don't truly represent what you would actually look like in that skintight dress (especially after that impromptu Nando's).

Round of applause to UK brand Missguided then who are making small changes to make us feel less shit about our own bodies, because they have stopped airbrushing their models stretch marks and the Internet is obviously all for it.

This comes after ASOS also stopped airbrushing their models and whether you have stretch marks or not, you have to agree this is definitely a step in the right direction for making women feel more comfortable about their bodies.

Round of applause for Missguided and our strechies of course.

Via: Cosmopolitan UK