The most naked naked-dresses to ever be worn at the Met Gala

So much near-nudity.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Naked Met Gala dresses

We’re counting down to fashion’s night of nights: the 2016 Met Gala. If ever there was a red carpet that we can’t wait to see, it’s this one. With every year having it’s own theme, the biggest celebs in the business really take things to the next level when it comes to their outfits/costumes. But despite the varying themes from year-to-year, there is always one (or many) who decide that no matter what they’re supposed to wear, they’re just going to go as naked as possible. Yep, the naked dress may have had it’s big moment on many red carpets last year, but it has been doing the rounds at the Met Gala since it’s very beginnings. Here, we look at some of the most rudey-nudey, nekid AF naked dresses to ever hit the Metropolitan Museum steps.

1. Kim Kardashian, 2015

Kim wowed on the red carpet last year in this white Roberto Cavalli gown that left very little to the imagination. Flaunting her curvaceous bod in nothing more than sheer fabric, a whole bunch of diamonds and some feathers for good measure, Kim said she was inspired by Cher’s outfit at the first ever Met Gala back in the 70’s. 2. Anja Rubik, 2012

Supermodel, Anja Rubik, proved in 2012 that you don’t need to wear sheer fabric to make people think you’re naked. You just need a really, really, REALLY high split. How she managed to keep everything in place in this Anthony Vaccarello gown we will never know. 3. Beyonce, 2015

She came to the party late because of last minute wardrobe dramas, which actually worked in her favour because she got the whole g-dang red carpet to herself so she could werk this more-naked-than-any-naked-dress by Givenchy. Those gemstones may be strategically and sparingly placed, but we reckon they probably weighed a tonne. 4. Cher, 1971

At the first ever Met Gala in 1971, the KWEEN of naked dressing, Cher, took to the red carpet in a dress so nude even Kimmy K was inspired to copy it some 44 years later. Granted, the 70’s were all about free love and letting the good times roll so we’re assuming the exposed nips weren’t so much of a shock. 5. Gisele Bundchen, 2008

Hey, if you’ve got one of the hottest bods in the whole world then why not show it off, right? Supermodel, Gisele Bundchen did exactly that in this pale pink satin gown with super low-cut back by Versace in 2008. If anyone knows how to make a sexy AF naked-thoughts-inducing dress, it’s Versace. 6. Jennifer Lopez, 2015

Like Kim and Beyonce, JLo also decided that it was a night for a sheer naked “illusion” dress last year, wearing none other than Atelier Versace. Hey, at least she kept to the theme, “China: Through the Looking Glass”, with her choice of a deep red hue and a dragon covering her lady-bits. 7. Miley Cyrus. 2013

When we look back at this image of Miley Cyrus at the 2013 Met Gala we are actually surprised. We’re surprised that she didn’t just wear her knickers under this netted Marc Jacobs gown. We’re pretty sure if given the chance again she would probably just free-ball it… or at MOST wear nipple covers. Regardless, she still pulled of the naked look without being, well, naked. 8. Rihanna, 2014

It isn’t just the actual event that pulls out all the fashion stops. In 2014 Rihanna changed out of her white twin-set for this gold Stella McCartney gown. It may have looked all demure from the front but as soon as she turned around it was butt-crack central! Yep, this is butt crack nudity at its finest right here. 9. Rosie Huntington-Whitely, 2015

She could wear a paper bag and make it look classy, but last year she wore a super-nude gown and managed to do that exactly. With a high slit, low back and strategic cut-outs, the blonde bombshell rocked this satin Versace gown and sent our heads into a spin at the same time. 10. Victoria Beckham, 2003

She loved to flash a bit of skin back in the day, so it was no surprise when Victoria Beckham showed up to the 2003 Met Gala in this mini, glitzy and very sheer party frock that showed off her bod like nothing else. We have a feeling she wouldn’t be caught dead in something like this today! RELATED: Met Gala 2016: All the looks you need to see RELATED: 55 of the most memorable red carpet moments form the MET Gala RELATED VIDEO: Watch 'The First Monday in May' trailer and prepare to be amazed