11 Non-Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas From Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, so peeps are planning their Halloween costumes and intense Halloween makeup left, right and centre. But you’ve done the classic thing of leaving your planning too late, and are heading straight down the path of ‘I’m a mouse, duh’, by chucking an old grey jumper on and drawing on eyeliner whiskers. Minimal effort, minimal impact.

But who can blame you? When you leave things this late, all that’s left on offer is ridiculously raunchy Halloween costumes — and sometimes you just don’t want to a ‘slutty nurse’ or a ‘kinky nun’ (because those things tend to be both offensive and unflattering).

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That is why we’ve come up with 10 golden options from you from the Queen of DIY and all things Pinterest — oh, and who also happens to be our wannabe bestie from The Hills, Lauren Conrad.

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She is the oracle of cute AF homemade outfits, so here is some serious inspo of non-sexy Halloween costumes, as brought to you by Lauren Conrad.