Paris Hilton squeezing her engagement ring into every photo is your new aesthetic

See, judge and adore.

By Katie Stow

When it comes to freshly engaged gals, we would be daft to expect anything other than a handful of ring selfies and mass coo-ing and gawking at the rock during a gals brunch. But once the initial rush of the proposal is over, we expect the bride-to-be to chill out a little and be less shove-the-diamond-in-your-face-ish.

It seems that those rules definitely don't apply to Paris Hilton.

Old mate hotel heiress recently got engaged to her actor boyfriend Chris Zylka on top of a snowy mountain — where he whipped out the mother of all rings. We're not kidding, this shit is huge. So huge, in fact, that Paris said yes SO FAST, skilfully grabbing the ring box before Chris could change his mind.

Since the proposal, Paris has taken every opportunity to show off her ring, even managing to wear it over her ski gloves as to not miss out on any prime slope spottage of her rock.

Despite the engagement happening four months ago, Paris hasn't calmed down one little bit — which is kinda why we love her so damn much — and the Simple Life star is showcasing her ring at every event.

Need proof? Scroll through this vast collection of Paris Hilton pics proving she's the most stoked fiancée on the planet.