Meanwhile in Japan, people are actually wearing PIGEON SHOES

Clarification: Not real pigeons, fake ones.

By Natasha Harding
pigeon shoes

When it comes to batsh*t crazy fashion, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Whether it’s literal pussy bows, window jeans or half-bras, safe to say, not much surprises us anymore.

Having said all that, even we were taken aback by the latest shoe to come out of Japan.

Meet: The pigeon pump.

Designed by Japanese shoemaker, Kyoto Ohata, the pigeon shoe is exactly what it sounds like: a shoe designed to look like a pigeon.

Now, apart from asking ourselves how she made the feathered friends (which she breaks down right here, in case you’re wondering) the one real question we all have about the shoes is: WHY?!

Well, strap yourselves in guys ‘cause the creator’s reason is as adorable as the shoes are whack.

According to Ohata, she frequently passes a large park chockablock full of pigeons and came up with the genius fashion idea so as to not scare them.

Some people are just too pure for this world.

For the rest of us, here’s some more pics of the pigeon shoes successfully ~infiltrating~ the pigeon community…