Rihanna went to Disneyland: looked like a cooler version of Cinderella

Cinderella with Micky Mouse ears, obvs.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Rihanna goes to Disneyland

If there’s one celebrity who knows how to dress for the occasion, it’s Rihanna. She has a knack for sartorial storytelling that comes naturally to only a special few. So when she’s not choosing outfits for red carpets or music videos, does she still manage to strike the same chord? Well on a recent trip to Disneyland we realised that yes, yes she does. She is more of a kween than we ever realised.

Celebrating her niece, Majesty’s, 2nd birthday, Rih Rih joined the family for some good old fashioned Disney-themed fun at the happiest place on earth looking like a downright modern-day version of Cinderella.

In a nod to the Disney princess, Rihanna wore a baby blue tunic complete with giant bows and a dramatic, swing-back and a dimond choker around her neck. This was all layered over ripped baggy jeans and white sneakers of course, because it is 2016, you guys. And naturally, the whole look got really jacked up when she threw on a pair of white, dazzling Micky Mouse ears, creating what we think could possibly be the newest, hippest, character hybrid of the century. Seriously, Disney, you should consider trademarking this look.

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