We asked a bunch of fashion editors what they thought of Rihanna's latest design

And they ain't holding back.

By Natasha Harding

If, like us, you’ve been dying to get your mits on all the latest pieces from Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma collab then you will have noticed that, aside from the thick chockers and sexy lace-up trackies (which Kim Kardashian has already converted us on), there are also some interesting pieces in the mix. While those fierce sneaker/boot heels are not for the faint-hearted, there’s one slashy accessory that actually makes zero sense.

Introducing the ‘Bomber-Jacket Backpack’.

From the back it looks like your regular hooded coat with just a backpack attached, right? Granted it might make grabbing something out your bag a little tricky but we can’t help thinking the fact the backpack it strapped on to your back would also have its perks: for starters, you’d never have to worry about losing you swag ever again (get it?).

Buuuut sadly it doesn’t work like that. No sir. Turns out the ‘jacket’ part of the ‘bomber-jacket backpack’ is all a lie, with the sleeves just acting as mere decoration.

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It's offish - Fenty x Puma just reached peak far-shun, so we decided to call in the experts and ask a bunch of fashion editors what they thought of this piece and they didn't hold back.

“I think it’s pretty effing sick but only the brave can pull this off! I also feel like you have to be quite tall to make this work look on you because of those trailing sleeves. I’d look ridiculous!” – Deni Todorovic, Interactive Producer/Style Editor

“This is hilarious and classic RiRi, but it also falls firmly into the category of: ‘This would look ridiculous on literally anyone but Rihanna.’ And $500 could be far better spent!” – Grace O’Neill, Digital Content Manager

“Unless you are an actual legit rock star or going for the homeless chic vibe I would veer away from this piece of accessory? Clothing? Mucho confusing and not vibeing on this at all. Just ‘cause you have amazing vocals doesn’t mean you automatically have a design degree.” – Lotta Backlund, Fashion Director

“I think it’s very ‘unpredictable and unexpected’ as per her objectives but also veryyyyyy street and alternative which works perfect for her target market. I think RiRi aims her range at tweens who will find it quite handy to use their jacket backpacks for school and festivals and will probs think it’s ‘cool’ or ‘lit’.” – Ana Zupanoska, Fashion Office Coordinator

“It sort of reminds me of the Rick Owens 2016 Paris show where the models walked down the runway carrying other models on their front or back, which was meant to show how strong women are. I’m not so sure that this gives off the same vibe though. If the jacket could be work properly it would make sense as a multi-purpose piece but I'm just confused. Having said that, the rest of the collection is amazing so I won't pass judgment on one piece.” – Cassie Longworth, Market Editor

Yep, basically they find the whole thing kinda confusing too but if you’re still keen to wear an accessory which makes you look like you’re being permanently ghosted, the experience doesn’t come cheap with the backpack setting you back around $620.

As for us? We're going to stick with the old skool separate bag and jackets sitch tyvm.