Robyn Lawley is a Sports Illustrated Rookie!

She's the first model classed as 'plus size' to be featured editorially.

Sports Illustrated have just figured out what we’ve known for years – that Robyn Lawley is an absolute BABE. So much so that they’ve decided to make her their first 'plus-size' model and feature her as a "Rookie" in their upcoming issue.

Yesterday, everyone was pretty chuffed when they thought Ashley Graham was the first curvy model to get featured. But let’s be clear – it’s a paid advertisement, NOT a part of Sports Illustrated’s actual editorial.

Robyn Lawley on the other hand, well...

"I just died!!!" Robyn tweeted this morning with the news that she’s one of seven "Rookie" models in the issue, which also includes Ashley Smith, Erin Heatherton and Rose Bertram.

She also spread the love with a shot on Instagram and the caption: "Ahhhhhhh I’m beyond ecstatic to join the amazing @si_swimsuit family!!!! If someone told me at the beginning of my career that this would happen I would of said ‘tell em his dreamin’ haha! Thankyou @mj_day @jamesmacari @ja_neyney @darciebaum and the whole SI awesome peeps for embracing who I am in the 2015 issue!!!!! #letsallstraddlecanoes #SISwim #2015rookie"

Loads of people have taken to social media to slam the fact that Robyn is considered ‘plus-sized’ in the industry and Robyn herself has been very vocal about her distaste for the term in the past.

"People say, 'How is she a plus-size model?’ and I’m like, ‘Exactly, this is the point, how am I a plus-size model?'" she said in an interview with Clique magazine. And, because she’s a total badass, Robyn also wants to dispel myths about what it means to be 'plus size.'

"People think plus-size models don’t exercise — we do!" she continued. "But it’s about health, not forcing my body to be something it’s not meant to be."

DAMN STRAIGHT. But until the industry gets its shiz together, let’s all look at Robyn being a smokin’ hot babe and congratulate her for this accomplishment – irrespective of what clothing size she wears.