Gross but cool: This woman made a whole dress out of fish bones

Puts our HSC textiles major work TO SHAME.

By Natasha Harding
salmon bones dress

We've seen people make dresses out of some pretty whack stuff, from Starburst wrappers to condoms, but this one is the fishiest of them all.

Alaskan artist Cynthia Gibson took four years, and over 20,000 salmon bones, to produce a dress that celebrates the local fishing industry (and makes us feel like we should really book that jewellery making class after all).

Not surprisingly, the pics have the internet like:

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“I always wondered why no one was doing much with salmon vertebrae because they’re everywhere and they’re easy to bead,” Gibson told Alaska Dispatch News.

“I’m excited people are as happy with it as I am…I love to see how nature and art mix.”

As for the smell? Well, it's about as good as you'd expect.

When asked why she thinks salmon bones aren't used more in the fashion industry, Gibson responded, "maybe it's because they stink. People at the Wearable Arts Show could smell the dress," she said. "Every day it smells a little bit less intense."

In short, this woman just totally made the perfect HSC textiles major work and, while we would never wear it ('cause of the fish pong), we've gotta admit, it looks cool AF.

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