This bra is going viral ‘cause it’s backless, strapless AND gives you incred ~cleavage~


By Natasha Harding

You know that hella pretty party dress that’s been hanging in your cupboard for AGES but you’ve never worn ‘cause you just don’t own the right bra? Yeah, same.

You’ve got the perfect strapless bra, but what you really need is one that’s backless as well. Oh, and even if someone manages to make a bra with both those qualities, we still want incred cleavage, thanks.

Welp, it turns out there is a bra that does all of the above and the internet’s flippin’ out ‘cause, well, WHOA.

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The Sneaky Vaunt bra’s gone literally viral over Insta because it can be worn with all your trickiest outfits.

Just like your regular stick-on bra, the Sneaky Vaunt has an adhesive inner (with non-sticky patches for your nips – ‘cause lord knows that shit HURTS), that will last about 40 wears.

Now to the amazing cleavage sitch.

After sticking the gizmo onto your boobs, all you gotta do is pull the drawsting and KAZAM! Boobage.

Here’s a demo:


The best bit? It costs less than those super pretty bras that you literally only wear once every three years. Yup, it costs just $66 – which has us like:

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BRB - buying a lifetime supply.