Sportsgirl's latest campaign 100% gets women and eff yes

Thank you, Sportsgirl.

By BTYB Sportsgirl

It's not every day you see an advertising campaign that makes you really feel the feels (toilet-paper ads with puppies aside). But Sportsgirl's latest campaign — Be That Girl — has us head nodding and hell yeah-ing, and it's not just because we want to add every item from their latest collection to our wardrobes.

The campaign features a line-up of fierce-ass women speaking openly about embracing their uniqueness and what being a woman in 2018 means to them. The result? Some pretty damn inspiring stuff.

"Don't half do something thinking that somebody else will come and finish it for you," leads Flex Mami. "Whatever somebody else can do, you can do better."

Coming from all walks of female life, other women include in the campaign include digital presenter Carissa Walford, Indigenous activist Aretha Brown, Paralympic snowboarder Joany Badenhorst, DJ Miranda Macpherson, scientist Rae Rodriguez and transgender model Manahou Mackay.

From left to right: [Gingham 90s shift dress](|target="_blank"|rel="nofollow"), $79.95; [Linen Blend Button Thru Midi Dress](|target="_blank"|rel="nofollow"), $109.95 at Sportsgirl
From left to right: Gingham 90s shift dress, $79.95; Linen Blend Button Thru Midi Dress, $109.95 at Sportsgirl

FACT: If you haven't yet got your own notebook full of girl-power mantras, this campaign will make you want to get one and start scribing things down.

Press play on the video below and check out the latest Sportsgirl collection in action in the Be That Girl campaign.

We dare you to not be inspired.

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