Stop EVERYTHING: Your favourite ‘90s shoe is officially back

How bow dah for a TBT?!

By Natasha Harding
90s fashion

First of all, we’d be lying if we said we were anything less than completely and utterly OBSESSED with ‘90s fashion. From lace-up jeans to rainbow chokers, we’re 3000% here for the old skool ~nostalgia~.

So when Steve Madden announced he’s re-releasing his iconic Slinky shoe, loved by everyone from the Spice Girls to your high school self, we absolutely lost our collective shit.

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That’s right, the noisy AF, elastic strap clompers are officially making a comeback.

While the sandal looks near-identical to the OG design, the 2017 version has more rounded edges and a flatter heel, making it slightly more practical.

So how much does it cost? Just over $90 (US $70) which, for a truly priceless item, is an absolute BARGAIN.

One thing’s fo’ sho, this babies are gonna sell out quick, so you probs wanna pre-order yours. And by probs we mean deffs. Like, RN.

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