Stick-on Nipples Are Here and We’re Not Sure How We Feel

Because it’s so hot to look… cold?

Stick on nipples

Sometimes fashion accessories hit the market and they’re so on-trend and functional, we wonder how we ever opened our closet without the item being the first thing we grab before getting dressed in the morning.

Others… well, others sometimes make us momentarily take pause before we're sold on the hot new trend.

The latest accessories to prove that fashion can be outrageous — in the best possible way — are NIPS FOR ALL by Molly Borman.

And yep, they’re exactly what sound like — fake nipples.

While many of us go out of our way to avoid rocking the headlight look, imitation nips are now available for those who want to go hard (sorry!) or go home.

If you're hoping to channel Rachel in Friends circa the early 2000s or just want to #freethenipple, you finally have an accessory to help you out.

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NIPS FOR ALL by Molly Borman are US-based, but rest assured, they ship internationally — so you’ll be able to get your hands on a pair all the way from Oz.

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The stick-on nips come in two sizes: “cold” and “freezing” depending on how perky the look you’re aiming for is.

And, because we are a classy bunch, the fake nipples are made using fake pearls. (Never let anyone tell you your fake nips aren’t high-class!)

If you want to get your hands on some, they won’t set you back a pretty penny: You can order them [online] (

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