Style talk with Mimi Elashiry

Because she knows what’s cool.

By Aimie Rigas
Style talk with Mimi Elashiry

You’re probably already following her on Instagram (she has over 480,000 followers) and if you’re not, you should be. Mimi Elashiry has scored herself a second campaign with Glue Store, hit the catwalk for David Jones and booked jobs in both NYC and LA. Not bad for an 19-year-old from Sydney, huh?

Congrats on the new Glue Store campaign! What are your fave pieces from the collection?

All the Lulu and Rose stuff because it’s flowy and more my style. There are really cool matching sets and one of my favourite things, because I saw it right before I went to Paris, was a big Lulu and Rose white A-line skirt.

You always look amazing in your insta-snaps, what’s your secret for getting a good shot?

I like to make sure that my shots are really natural, which is really hard to do a lot of the time because sometimes I’ll get things that I almost don’t feel natural shooting. It might be something I use every day like moisturiser but it’s hard to make that look good. I have to think of a way the audience will see it in the context it belongs. For example shooting swimwear at the beach. I feel like when things look very obviously posed then people aren’t going to connect with it.

What’s your failsafe outfit?

I always wear plain tees. And, because I’ve gotten so lazy, I’ll generally walk around in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. I don’t really have a go-to outfit because my wardrobe is just so huge! But I tend to wear a lot of grey if that helps? [laughs]

You’ve got a massive following on social media, do people recognise you a lot when you’re out and about?

I feel like nothing has changed. My friends remind me because people recognise me but it doesn’t register because I don’t feel like as a person I have become anything different. I don’t watch the number grow or anything. The one time that made me realise was at Big Day Out a year ago, because there’s kids there that are under 18 and my audience is quite young, and it was non-stop people wanting photos with me.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has commented on one of your Instagram posts?

I don’t really go through my comments but if there’s something particularly rude and needs to be deleted my mum is straight onto it. She screenshots it and sends it to me and I’ll sort it out. But the weirdest thing in general that’s happened through Instagram is a direct message that was sent to my boyfriend because I hadn’t answered mine. It was a picture of people lined up and they had my name written on their backs saying ‘Happy Birthday’. That was the weirdest thing.

People sort of look to you as an authority on what’s cool. In saying that can you tell us…

Where’s the coolest place to shop right now?

I don’t really go shopping much but if I have to take someone I’ll go to Newtown. There’s heaps of vintage shops and that’s the only kind of shopping I like. There’s also some really cool camera shops around there which is fun. It’s always an adventure rummaging through old things. Speaking of, I went to the Central Park Glue Store and there's a huge vintage wall in there which I only discovered yesterday!

Where’s the coolest place to party?

All my friends run events so I feel like we have more fun when we go to their little random events in places rather than going out. I don’t really like that scene. I think little events during the day with your friends is the best. Shipfaced cruises are always really fun because they don’t happen so often so there’s a bit of a build-up.

Where’s the coolest place to eat?

Even though I’m not vegan, I love eating at vegan cafes! My favourite in Sydney is Earth To Table in Bondi Junction or Bread and Circus in Alexandria. I also go Miss Chu like three to four times a week.

What’s the coolest dish you can make?

My favourite thing to cook is a big dish of quinoa and then I’ll make half of it into a salad with kale and sweet potato, dried apricots and macadamias and some other stuff. And with the other half I just have some veggies for dinner or something.

Are you quite conscious of eating healthy?

I don’t eat anything that’s processed or any refined sugar. I feel like there’s an alternative for everything. Like if I want chocolate I’ll go and get Loving Earth chocolate.

Did you used to eat quite a bit of junk growing up?

Always. After my dancing concerts we’d go straight to Maccas! But in my final years of schooling I became more conscious of it. My mum’s partner was a naturopath so he introduced us to that sort of stuff then I became close with the authors of Hippies In The City and when I read that it was a definite turning point.

What’s the coolest music to listen to?

Because I just saw them play again in Byron I’d have to say Torah. Other musicians I love are Jonathan Wilson and Dark Side who unfortunately broke up but I saw them live before they did that. Then lots of chilled or reggae stuff like Oceanality or Mountain Lion or any psychedelic rock sort of stuff.

Who’s the coolest person to follow on Insta?

I absolutely love Jenah Yamamoto. Her Instagram is @gypsyone. She works closely with a few of my friends that do jewellery and stuff and she’s going to help me out on a range I’ve just started because I’m obsessed with her. I’m not really into bloggers but I follow some cool animals like @jmarcoz which is French and English bulldogs. It’s so cute!

What’s something we’d be surprised to learn about you?

I’m really into film photography which a few people have started to see because I post my own film photos on my site. My favourite photos are my ones from Splendour In The Grass because I feel like when you catch people and they don’t know it tells a better story.

What’s next on the cards for you?

I’m moving to LA for a few months next year which will be amazing because I can chase my contemporary dancing dreams. I’m really excited to go back and do that but also expand. Other than that I’ve been trying to get into photography because I’ve been doing it for a long time but because of everything that’s happened with modelling people forget I can actually take photos instead of just pose for them. My housemate has just started a little range and I’m going to shoot that for him.