Can we take a second to appreciate how INCRED Target’s new Photoshop-free campaign is?


By Natasha Harding
target swimwear

After hearing numerous horror stories from professional retouchers at brands like Victoria’s Secret, we know swimwear shoots are some of the most-photoshopped in the fashion industry.

Sad, but true.

From bleaching underarms to eliminating all evidence of body hair, the representation of the female body in the swimwear industry is warped at best.

Aside from promoting unrealistic, harmful expectations, these types of images fail to cater for a vast proportion of the population who are not the 'typical’ size 6 physique.

Now things look like they're starting to change with Target's brand spanking new swimsuit range. The campaign consciously bans the use of any Photoshop, choosing instead to promote body positivity.

The result? AMAZING.

The best part? The high street brand tapped four models of different ethnicities and sizes to showcase the range.

Far from attempting to hide any ‘imperfections’ such as cellulite and stretch marks, the new campaign celebrates body diversity and inclusivity, dressing each of the models in sexy, fun swimsuits and bikinis.

Safe to say, we’re totally here for it.

Here’s to hoping more swimwear labels follow suit (gedddit?)

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