OITNB's Taryn Manning is backtracking after she slammed stylist for her $200 SAG Awards dress

First world problems at their finest.

After slamming her stylist for putting her in a $200 (USD) dress at the SAG Awards, Taryn Manning has walked back her comments but still insists she "felt used".

The Orange Is the New Black star rocked the stunning black Adrianna Papell gown on the red carpet on Sunday (Jan. 21) but then came out to criticise Chaunielle Brown for the affordable outfit choice.

See, she looks great!

But when TMZ caught Manning at LAX they asked her how she felt about wearing the department store the actress didn't seem happy.

Following a compliment from the reporter a frustrated Manning at first told him to "shut up" and then said: "It's whack that the stylist didn't tell me [the price of the dress.]"

She continued: "Now everyone else can afford it, that's what's cool about it, but it still sucks for me. I want to be in like a superstar gown … So the designer got a lot of press. She should pay me a lot of money."

Manning's response infuriated many who accused her of being a fashion snob...

But now the Crossroads star has clarified her comments on Instagram, writing, "I was completely caught off guard when all of the press about my dress was about the cost, which I knew nothing about, and I felt used for someone else's gain." She added that she and her stylist were pals and she actually felt great in the dress, concluding, "I am happy to be the proof that there is more to feeling confident, beauty and happy on the inside than just a price tag."

Okay, but is she really getting the point? We're not sure, TBH.