This Ta-Ta Towel invention is pure genius for girls with big boobs

You and your DDs deserve one of these this summer.

Y’know those times when someone invents something so bloody obvious you’re like, ‘Why the fricken-fuq didn’t I think of that?!’ Well enter the Ta-Ta Towel.

This new terrycloth creation is basically being called a ‘hammock for your boobs’ and if your mammaries are more than a handful you’ll be all about it.

I know, I know, you look at the pictures and it seems like another totally cooked fashion idea but srsly, any well-endowed lady will tell you that the first thing she does after getting out of the shower and moisturises is whack on a bra. Not only does the support just help you stand up straight – but skin-to-skin under-boob sweat is real people!

Do we want to stand around for 30-minutes longer than we have to with underwire on while doing our hair and makeup? Um, no! But what choice did we have? Nada, until now.

Born out of pure necessity the frickin’ genius who thought this “lounge wear” idea up needs some kind of award (I mean I’d even consider giving them the Best Picture Oscar just so they were acknowledged in some kind of way ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ).

With the slogan "Keep 'em high. Keep 'em dry," this $45 (USD) Ta Ta Towel slings your boobs up so they don't stick to your skin, ergo reduces boob sweat on those hot awful summer days when a bra is like, the last thing you want on and around your body.

And it’s not just me who thinks this is a good idea, other girls (I’m assuming with big knockers or nursing mamas??) are getting around the idea too:

So, for anyone in the big-titty committee who loves their boobs but hates boob sweat the Ta-Ta Towel is available for pre-order on the Ta-Ta Towel website.