The Victoria’s Secret drinking game

Because it’s not just a fashion show – it’s a social event.

You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve seen the Ariana Grande memes, now it’s time to see the whole thing. The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on Fox8 on Thursday Dec 11th at 7.30pm. So why not make a night of it? Grab all your girlfriends (and let’s be honest, the boys will want in on it too), some snacks and some drinks. Then up the fun factor by throwing our Victoria’s Secret Drinking Game into the mix. It goes a little something like this:

Key: 1 X = 1 finger sized sips of your drink.

When a model blows a kiss:

Any time you use a variation of the phrase “OMG, I’m so hitting the gym tomorrow”:

Whenever Ed Sheeran is really, desperately trying not to stare like a pervert:

When Shanina Shaik walks – AUSSIE RULES!

Whenever Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss let it be known that they are BFFFFFFFFFs:

When the camera hones in for a close-up bum shot:

If somebody has a wedgie:

When the $2m Fantasy Bras come out:

When somebody shouts “who the eff is this guy!” at the TV as Hozier performs:

If there’s no bloody way anyone in their right minds would wear that as underwear:

Whenever Taylor Swift makes physical contact:

When THIS:

Congratulations! You should now be suitably smashed.