These undies allow you to period all over Donald Trump’s face

Mr Trump, meet Aunt Flo!

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Political period undies

ICYMI, period undies are an actual thing. Much like reusable diapers (sorry to make that comparison), they are basically just a normal pair of boy leg briefs with removable inserts that allow you to bleed freely into them, whilst the antibacterial fabric draws moisture away and traps your flow in the liners. Basically, if pads and undies had a baby, period undies would be it. So the latest and most marvellous thing to come of period undies go by the name of ‘Cute Fruit Undies’ and aside from just being totally adorable as well as handy, they also allow you to bleed all over Donald Trump’s face thanks to their new model, The Bloody Marys.

But the Bloody Mary’s don’t just stop with Trump. You can actually select which U.S. politician’s face you’d like to be your “Blood Dumpster” with each pair.

Image via Etsy So what’s a “Blood Dumpster?” Well according to their page, it’s “the face of a US politician who has worked to hinder women's reproductive rights, and in so doing has had his or her face wind up in the crotch of a pair of Bloody Mary undies, for YOU to bleed all over!” Genius, right? But it gets better! The undies also include attachable heat packs so you can stay hands free whilst soothing those deathly cramps AND $3 from every pair sold actually goes to a Planned Parenthood located in the state affected by your chosen Blood Dumpster.

Image via Etsy You can even choose a matching crop top so you can keep things ~cute casual~ regardless of how shitty you’re feeling.

Image via Etsy

Good news for Aussie chicks too – they ship worldwide! – and you can get your hands on a pair for $40.63 which, really, is a small price to pay for the satisfying feeling you’ll get from bleeding on to Trump’s toupée.