This Urban Outfitters top is the ugliest effing thing we've ever seen

Urban Outfitters, U drunk?

Urban Outfitters is known for its sometimes-off-the-wall fashion. Usually the American retailer gets it so right. Other times, it just fails. So. Hard.

Like when they released this Halloween costume...

Or when they got on board the #hashtag train...

But this time, we think they really outdid themselves. So much so, that they clearly have to be fucking with us.

Let us introduce you to this bra/neck warmer/upper chest warmer/t-shirt (????????).

For $20 (not even including shipping), you can buy yourself up this lovely... half-bra. It'll defs make your mum think you're going through a ~phase~, and it will no doubt make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable.

The choice is yours. But if this is the future of fashion, well, yeah.

We out.