Fact: You can now buy a vagina face mask for Halloween

This is definitely NSFW.

By Natasha Harding

With October now here we’re all on the prowl for new and #inspiring Halloween costumes that aren’t Harley Quinn or our fail-safe kitty cat outfit. Alas, one genius on Etsy seller has invented a slightly less-conventional pussy costume that you can bet your bottom dollar ain’t nobody else gonna have: a vagina face mask.

Honestly, we’re not even kidding.

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Created by artist, Melissa Coulter, the absolutely terrifying silicone contraption is going to set you back approximately $640 (and that’s before shipping). Yikes.

Apart from the whole borderline-pornographic element (and the fact you deffs couldn’t wear it for trick or treat), if you’re keen on the vag mask you’ve probably started wondering about the costume’s logistical challenges, starting with, ‘How do you see? How do you breathe?’ - Y’know, all good questions to be asking when scouting out your next Halloween outfit.

Sadly we have absolutely NFI how it all works but we’re guessing ventilation has got something to do with the ominous vag-shaped hole smack bang in the middle.

On the flap side, the seller has received solid customer service reviews with buyers commenting on the very high quality of Coulter’s other prods (in case durability was a concern). Plus, you wouldn’t even have to worry about dicking around with makeup for house beforehand. LOL.

Still not convinced the vagina mask is your cuppa tea? Well, here’s a snap of the faceless model werking the mask around town so you have an idea of how it will look in natural light and potentially how to style it.

The takeaway? Never say you can’t find the Halloween costume you’re after ever again. If this is out there, you’re just not looking hard enough. Soz.