Why is the world so obsessed with vaginas in fashion?

Do we really need to remind you what a vagina ACTUALLY looks like?

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Vagina fashion

We can’t help but notice lately that the internet seems to have adopted a weird obsession with things that look like vaginas. This is particularly true when it comes to fashion. And hey, don’t get us wrong, we love ourselves a good vag look-alike, but we’re starting to feel a little ripped off. Why? Because it seems that every time something round, oval or pink pops up on a runway or red carpet, people are quick to scream vajeen! Whatever happened to things just being… well… pink? The latest vag-clad theory is that the recent Comme de Garcons show in Paris was full of the female form. But really, we’re just not seeing it. Behold:

Now, we don’t mean to get personal here, but can we kindly suggest that if your vagina actually looks like this, you might need to see your GP. These fancy numbers have also been referred to as a “flap coats”.

What we see is a coat full of flaps, but does that mean those flaps are vaginal? No! “But they’re pink!” we hear you say. IT STILL DOESN’T COUNT! Here are some other things that have flaps that are in no way representative of labia minora/majora…

The Chanel Jumbo classic 2.55 double FLAP bag

A Cat-FLAP (pussy pun not intended but definitely appreciated)

* Puppy ears FLAPPING in the wind*

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You know what, we’re not going to sit here and be ignorant. There have DEFINITELY been some fashion moments where we could in no way un-see the vagina-like resemblances and you know what? We enjoyed those moments. Let us remember the Wayne Cooper vagina printed collection:

And we’ll giggle our little faces off when we see other random objects that resemble female genitalia (hey, it’s funny, OK?).

Grapefruit vagina. Image via:

Nature vagina (gets us every time). Image via:

Chicken sandiwch vaginas. Image via

But remember how last week everyone went bananzo’s over Edwina Bartholomew’s Oscars dress because the fabric detail at the front was shaped in such a way that everyone’s dirty little minds went straight to vajayjay town?

Well we were just sitting here thinking to ourselves… maybe, like, during childbirth or IMMEDIATELY after, does this look like a lady pee-hole, but otherwise, what the hell you guys be talking about?! If anything it is just a really pointless piece of fabric that, in our opinion, would have looked way better if it were just tied into a bow or something. (Seriously, what even IS that?!) AND IT WASN’T EVEN PINK!

Anyway, we just wanted to share our concerns because even though we are usually the first to have our minds in the gutter, we really just feel like this whole “find the vagina” game is getting out of control. Show us a shocking resemblance or leave us alone because we just can’t deal with another anti-climax.

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