The internet is kicking off at Victoria's Secret for 'trying to be' Triangl swimwear

Neoprene knock-offs ahoy.

Internet not happy with Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is currently being slammed on social media for ripping off indie swimwear label Triangl's designs.

The lingerie giant recently revealed their latest collection sported by their impressive babe line-up, including Behati Brinsloo and Candice Swanepoel.

While the neons, bustiers and neoprene is nothing to brandish the pitchforks over, it's the colour-blocking and panelling that's raaaather familiar.

In case you were on an Instagram fast starting 2012, this colour-blocked aesthetic was actually pioneered by Aussie brand Triangl.

It girls like Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and Ellie Goulding have since been rocking them, so it's a bit crazy to think VS thought this likeness would go unnoticed.

Keen Insta-observers were quick to jump to Triangl's defence when they saw VS's 'new' swim looks unveiled on Instagram.

"These are really nice but y'all need to stop copying triangl" and "This is really embarassing for VS your own thing! Like @triangl_swimwear" were some of the Insta-comments.

Naturally, this spawned a craaaaashing wave of Twitter hate. The way of the cyberworld.

A few staunch VS supporters also arose in the scurry. Coz the VS versions are cheaper.

"I'm returning my Triangl swimsuit bc I can buy two Victoria's Secret bikinis for less and I'll like them way more lol," was one thrifty shoppers plan. Fingers crossed they don't post back a soiled pair.

What do you think, is this a case of the corporate fat cat ripping off the little man? Or is fashion truly an ‘inspired’ industry?