Victoria's Secret has seriously pissed off Facebook users with this dodgy Photoshop job

It's a bit naughty... but not in a good way.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Victorias Secret cheeky photoshop

It’s an ongoing argument between the fashion industry and the consumer which we hear over, and over (and OVER) again: calm the heck down with all of that Photo-shopping and show us some women we can relate to.

And sometimes the industry has a right to defend their actions, just like Khloe Kardashian did earlier this year when she shut up the haters by revealing the un-retouched shots of her sexy Complex Magazine shoot compared to the publishes pics. A little evening out of the skin tone and perhaps a little brightening here and there is no worse than using the Valencia filter on your Instagram posts.

But sometimes, the cutting and cropping, slimming and trimming is waaaaaay more obvious than a little light filtering, and the people are wising up. Such is the case for the latest Victoria’s Secret Facebook post.

The raunchy photo was posted to their Facebook page on Sept 25, with the caption “Truly. Madly. Cheeky.” Which is clever! Because, you know, there are butt cheeks in the photo. Well, at least, there is one. The peeps noticed this pretty blatantly obvious botched up job and naturally jumped on their keyboards to rightly express their concern with the one-bum-cheeked model.

One guy even went so far as to rectify the whole situation and gave that girl her bum back! #WhatAGuy.

Victoria’s Secret are yet to comment on the whole saga, but they haven’t removed the photo, so it’s safe to say they give zero fs about it all. Sad face emoji.*