A news website thinks Jennifer Hawkins' dress looks like a vagina

Er, if you say so?

By Erin Van Der Meer
Jennifer Hawkins at Polo In The City on Saturday

Jennifer Hawkins is a god-damn glamazon who would look amazing if she wore some items from her recycling bin strung together.

It’s not fair, but it’s true.

On Saturday she attended Landrover's Polo In The City event in Melbourne in a Tony Maticevski jumpsuit with ruffles down the front, which is one of those potentially unflattering pieces that takes confidence and ideally a model’s figure to pull off.

But does it look like a vagina? According to The Daily Mail, yes.

Jen shared a photo of her outfit on Instagram that attracted 89 comments. Of those 89, many praised the look and asked where they could get it, and precisely two gave it a thumbs down. Absolutely none described her dress as looking like a vagina.

But The Daily Mail proposed that the ruffles near Jen’s crotch indeed look like a vag, describing the outfit as “merging fashion with the female anatomy" and “anatomically correct”.

'Anatomically correct'? LOL. Okay Daily Mail. We’re just going to leave this here.