The Internet Is BEYOND Pissed With Zara’s New ‘Curvy’ Campaign

Twitter says they 'f*cked up'. Big time.

By Natasha Harding
Zara Curvy Ad

Whether you’re absolutely obsessed with Zara, or think it’s the most over-hyped store to grace the high street, everyone can agree they have a pretty controversial track record.

To date, the Spanish brand has copped a fair amount of crap for selling offensive AF clothing, displaying cultural insensitivity with staff and reportedly ripping off indie designers, but it’s their latest ad campaign which has people kicking off again.

The whole dramz started when Irish radio personality, Muireann O’Connell, shared an image of their new ‘Love Your Curves’ campaign (floating around England and Spain over the past month) on Twitter with a less-than-impressed comment.

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The problem? In releasing a campaign which purports to promote body positivity and diversity, Zara ironically failed to include any women with ‘curvy’ physiques, instead opting to juxtapose the message alongside traditional-sized catalogue models.

As always, the Twittersphere was quick to react and they’re not holding back:

Some went as far as to say this kind of mixed message was more than just confused, but harmful:

Others couldn’t understand the outrage, and decided to annotate the ad campaign.

Muireann went on to say that her distain for the campaign had zip all to do with the models themselves, but was about calling out Zara for failing to represent body diversity in a campaign aimed at promoting just that.

Let’s hope Zara learns from this and that we see more curvy models going forward, yeah?