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Attn avocado lovers (so, everyone?): avocado burgers now exist and hallelujah!

This is avocontrol! Get these in and around your face…

By Lorna Gray

So, ya know when people try to make burgers healthy by getting rid of the bun and replacing it with lettuce or some shit and really you’re sitting there like, “Bitch, please – that’s not a real burger. Carb-free bun - pfft!"

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Well, this could be a mini breakthrough.

Look, we’re not saying it’s better than the real deal but if you’re going easy on the carbs, this may be an equally delicious decision.

Drumroll...An ~avocado~ bun substitute.

Why did we not think of this?!

We’re ALL about this latest food trend. And you can even go next level healthy - Food Deco created this vegan avocado bun burger...

Good luck getting all that in your gob… But we reckon the mess would be worth it.

Avocadoes have done it again, errybody. God bless that beautiful green fruit.

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