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This bodybuilder is using her viral before and after pictures to help other babes who bloat

“When I say I’m bloated... I’m bloated.”

Bloating is a sensation that everyone will experience at some point. [Author's note: Matter of fact, I'm bloated right now.] However, as bodybuilder Michelle Middleton points out in these now-viral before and after pictures, the spectrum of bloating is huge. When some people say they're bloated, they're really bloated.

On the left, Michelle is pictured after eating Greek yoghurt - a food that triggers her bloating. On the right, Michelle is pictured on a regular day. "I do these bloat posts every now and then but people still get surprised at how big my belly gets," Michelle said. "Yes I get bloated and it happens when I eat certain foods."

To keep her gut happy, Michelle usually follows a low FODMAP diet. (Greek yoghurt is a high FODMAP food, hence the bloat.) She explained that adhering to the diet keeps her bloating in check:

As a result, Michelle sparked an important discussion in the comments section about bloating and FODMAPS. One commenter, kdot13.1, wrote, "So glad I'm not alone. I feel and look pregnant when I bloat. It's horrible." While another said, "I have IBS and I get bloated like that too and they recommend the FODMAP diet."

In a later post, Michelle clarified that the pictures weren't taken on the same day. "The pics shown are not in the same time frame," she said. "I just wanted to clarify to the new followers that the last pic is from my prep in the late summer. So yes I do get bloated but I don't magically lose 15 lbs and have abs."

For the record, a low FODMAP diet is recommended to men and women with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and restricts foods that are poorly absorbed by the small intestine (sorry) and can contribute to the production of gas (so sorry).

While reading about FODMAPS and IBS on the internet is great, if you're experiencing the same kind of bloat as Michelle, it's best to consult a doctor so they can rule out all serious health conditions.