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So, apparently 'callus trimming' is the new 'pimple popping' for YouTube grossness

Why does this remind us of parmesan cheese?

We've been not-so-secretly obsessed with pimple popping videos since it became vaguely normal to watch 50 of them in a row at three o'clock in the morning. Things have now got to the point where our own mates tag us in disgusting (read: AMAZING) blackhead exploding videos on Facebook and we constantly have four or five vile (read: un-look-away-able) earwax removal clips on our 'suggested videos'.

That's why when 'The Next Dr. Pimple Popper' arrived on our feed, we clicked right in. So, ladies and gentlemen of the gross-dury, the next big thing in fascinating-yet-minging body videos is callus trimming.

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Callus trimming involves using a razor blade to shave off hard dead skin from the bottom of your feet, which sounds more medical than it looks, because it looks like shaving parmesan off a block of cheese.

The account Never Ending Callus started uploading these 'callus trimming' videos on a regular basis — showcasing all the callus trimming techniques you never knew you needed to see. The guy (whose foot is in all the videos) is thought to have a condition called pachyonychia congenital, which is a defect in the keratin gene which causes thick calluses to grow on the soles of the feet on a regular, rapid basis.

Now we know that it's unfortunate that this dude is suffering from this condition, but it has left us with a wide array of callus trimming footage that we will be eternally grateful for. So revel in the beauty/satisfying nature of these videos by watching this epic montage of callus trimming.