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Chrissy Teigen just shared a photo of her DIY vagina steaming session

Is this good for your hoo-ha though?

Once again, we're all thinking about Chrissy Teigen's vagina after she showed off her signature DGAF attitude and brutal honesty.

Since giving birth to her second child—an adorable boy named Miles Theodore Stephens born in May—the 32-year-old mama has been happy to share her no-holds-barred postpartum experience. Thus far the realness includes, but is not limited to, a video showing off her totally normal pregnancy-induced stretch marks, a confession about how "life is 90% better when you don't rip to your butthole" during pregnancy (she says this happened with her first child, Luna), a peep of her breastfeeding whilst rocking some hospital-issued mesh undies and now, some good ol' fashioned vagina steaming.

The supermodel and cookbook author took to Instagram to share a photo of herself sporting a face mask while simultaneously chucking a Gwyneth Paltrow and doing a DIY vag steam.

Chrissy wrote, "I don't know if any of this works but it can't hurt right?" She then joked, "vagina dissolves".

Once again, the Sports Illustrated bikini model has us wincing at LOLing at the same time, but is she onto something here?

Unsurprisingly, when the Gwyn's peeps at Goop hyped up the benefits of the 'gina treatment a few years back, a few doctors voiced their concerns, including board certified OB/GYN and expert in vulvovaginal disorders, Dr. Jen Gunter.

In 2015 Dr. Gunter wrote about the trend on her website and advised, "steam is probably not good for your vagina". She added, "Herbal steam is no better and quite possibly worse."

"Mugwort or wormwood or whatever when steamed, either vaginally or on the vulva, can't possibly balance any reproductive hormones, regulate your menstrual cycle, treat depression, or cure infertility," she explained.

"Steam isn't going to get into your uterus from your vagina unless you are using an attachment with some kind of pressure and MOST DEFINITELY NEVER EVER DO THAT."

So maybe we just copy cat the face mask, yah?!

Earlier in the week husband, John Legend got in on the realness to show off his wife's skills as a breast pumping machine.

"I know it's Father's Day and all but my wife is pretty awesome," John, 39, posted on his Instagram underneath a pic of Chrissy breast pumping in a car.

"She's taking me to dinner but still on mommy [sic] duty," he added.

Keep the realness coming, you guys!!!!