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People are now eating hummus for dessert because the world has lost its goddam mind

What is this delicious madness?!

An American food company (because of course) has gotten particularly adventurous (or drunk) with their latest product, pulling the ballsy move of trying to make ‘dessert hummus’ a thing.


Our tastebuds are so confused RN.

The range from ‘Delighted by Hummus’ features four sweet, hummusy twists; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Brownie Batter, Orange Ginger and Snickerdoodle.

While the base is made just like the OG, with chickpeas, tahini and salt, coconut milk and organic Turbinado sugar are added to thicken and sweeten, before the respective flavourings work their magic (?!).

The company was founded by holistic nutritionist Makenize Marzluff, who came up with the idea when she wanted to bring a healthy dessert to a party. When her friends said it tasted like actual cookie dough, she made it for any dinner party she was going to, before quitting her job to turn dessert hummus into her full time gig.

Delish tasted their wares and were pleasantly surprised. Ish.

“All four varieties of hummus taste surprisingly close to the actual dessert they mimic, though the texture is a little grittier than the typical brownie batter or cookie dough,” they noted.

The brand is currently only available in the US, so if you’re tempted, you’ll have to go the DIY route for now.

Goodbye, world. There’s no point in carrying on. We’ve seen everything there possibly is to see now.