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Science reckons drinking wine is better for your brain than math, so we’re pretty much geniuses

Bottom’s up!

By Mahalia Chang
Rihanna with a wine bottle.

If you’ve ever had a wine-drunk conversation with your best mate, where you spat some straight truth about the cosmos, our current political climate, or why the air-to-chip ratio in chip packets is, like, highway robbery, then you know that drinking wine is great for your convo skills. But did you know it’s actually making you smarter, too?

A really excellent neuroscientist named Dr Gordon Shepherd has proposed a theory that drinking wine is practically better for your brain than anything else, and — holy hell — yes, we agree.

The wine scientist (also? Is that a real job? And, if so, where can we apply?) wrote a book, titled Neuroenology: How The Brain Creates The Taste of Wine, which proposes that drinking wine, swirling it around in our mouths and tasting properly, engages the brain in the same way solving a math problem does.

According to Shepherd, your brain actively creates the taste of the mind, which not only makes the brain exercise the muscles in the tongue, but stimulates the taste and odour receptors of the body. This, in turn, gives your brain the same workout it would get from solving a maths problem or listening to music.

“The taste is not in the wine; the taste is created by the brain of the wine taster,” Shepherd explained. “The molecules in wine don't have taste or flavour, but when they stimulate our brains, the brain creates flavour the same way it creates colour.”

So… basically, drinking wine is like taking our brains to the gym?

Got it.

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