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This exercise bike only lets you watch Netflix if you're pedalling

Netflix and wheels.

By Erin Cook

If you work full-time – heck, even if work part-time – it’s hard to find time to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Between family obligations, working overtime and maintaining friendships with your gal pals, there’s just no time left, you know?

However, all hope for work life balance – ft. a consistent workout routine – is not lost.

Introducing the Cycflix: This clever bike is connected to your Netflix and only lets you binge-watch your favourite shows if you keep pedalling.

Before you get too attached to the idea of having a Cycflix in your lounge room, there is one catch – you have to build the machine yourself.

In a post on Instructables, Ronan Byrne explains how to create your own version of the Cycflix. TBH, this DIY project isn’t for the faint-hearted – in step one, you need to solve the speed calculation for your bike, using the following formula:

On the bright side, if maths, wiring and coding are no big deal for you, you could make a sick profit from creating a Cycflix for all of your friends.