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Exercise can help you keep your New Year's resolutions

Exercise is proven to help manage self-control...

It's the same story every year... as soon as the clock strikes 12 and ticks over into the new year, you vow to start eating healthy, make the most of that gym membership and give up all your vices - whether it's smoking, wine or chocolate. However, as January starts to take its toll, you start slipping back into your old habits - just a sneaky bite of chocolate here, a convenient excuse to skip the gym. Does this sound familar?

Thanks to psychologists at Sydney's Macquarie University, a little bit of physical exercise can actually significantly help you stick to your goals.

Following a recent research program, participants were given free gym memberships and encouraged to use it as much as possible. After exercising once to three times a week, the participants were shown to have substantially reduced their smoking, drinking and caffeine intake, eating healthier, saving more money and procrastinated less. They noted that they felt more in control of their emotions and had newfound strength and self-control in all aspects of their lives.

Researchers also confirmed that just 15 minutes on a treadmill can reduce cravings and regular exercise can help to curb your appetite in the long run.

Even better, exercise doesn't just help with your waistband, it also relieves ordinary, everyday stresses and is shown to be just as powerful as antidepressant medication.

So this NYE, forget those tried and tested resolutions, instead just focus on one: get moving!