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Fitness model Chontel Duncan claims she was 'misled' into giving quotes for ‘pregorexia’ story

“Can you imagine how you'd feel if a well known paper made a fool of you?”

Fitness model and personal trainer Chontel Duncan is accustomed to controversy. Last year, Duncan became the target of internet trolls, who accused her of harming her unborn baby by continuing to exercise throughout her pregnancy. In March 2016, she gave birth to a healthy and happy baby boy, Jeremiah. Now, Duncan is pregnant again, and according to a recent Instagram post, the model claims she was left humiliated after a major newspaper tricked her into contributing to a 'pregorexia' story.

In a story run by The Courier Mail, titled "Having a baby can be as tough as running a marathon, says fit mum" and later republished as "'Pregorexia' is fuelling body dissatisfaction, putting pregnant mum, bub at risk says experts" Duncan spoke to the publication, saying:

"It was disappointing to be attacked for being fit and healthy during my pregnancy," she said. "I actually put on close to 16kg. I am simply an advocate of fitness at any time of life. I am not aiming to make women feel bad about themselves, I'm just trying to inspire them to make changes."

However, Duncan alleges that she wasn't aware that the story was about 'pregorexia.' She expressed her outrage on Instagram:

"This wasn't a discussion in fact it was a misleading load of bullshit written about an honest hard working mother expecting her second child. Misled to think she was being asked to display her passion for normalising one of the amazing benefits to living a healthy lifestyle prior to conceiving. Demonstrating how to safely practice a fit pregnancy under the guidance of her doctor and qualifications. Inspiring young girls to get healthy for LIFE and no longer for a specific number or image they may have in mind. Cutting out all deadlines, unrealistic expectations, silly number chasing games & have them enjoy moving their bodies daily. Exercise benefits more then just a pregnancy, it's far beyond that but if I have a platform to spread a positive message across the world instead of all the negative that is out there in this world, why wouldn't I? Instead money hungry papers need to try bring down a mother who is also expecting to make a headline and grab some extra attention and readers. Shame on them for playing a part in social media trolling/bullying on such a large scale. Can you imagine how you'd feel if a well know paper made a fool of you?"

Many of Duncan's commented to show their support, including Lorna Jane Clarkson, the founder of popular Australian activewear chain, Lorna Jane.