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Fitness blogger Emily Skye opens up about her pregnancy: “It hasn’t really gone to plan”

But she’s taking it in her stride. 💪

By Erin Cook

If there’s one thing we know about hugely popular fitness blogger Emily Skye, it’s that you can always count on her to keep it real AF. Just last year, she posted two selfies three seconds apart, to expose the tricks behind a good before and after photo.

The latest? In a recent Instagram post, Emily opened up about her pregnancy — and how she was forced to take a break from the gym.

“I just weighed myself out of curiosity — I’ve gained 21kg!” she said. “My pregnancy hasn’t really gone to plan as far as my fitness is concerned. I thought I’d be able to keep up with my exercise until the end of my pregnancy but that did NOT happen.”

Both a long-term back problem and sciatica have kept Emily out of the gym for the last two months. “I was just too uncomfortable & it was starting to make my back & sciatica worse. I made the choice to listen to my body & stop. It’s only short term inactivity & there’s always time to get my fitness back later.”

“I really admire other pregnant ladies who exercise throughout their pregnancy, they’re awesome & I am slightly envious,” Emily continued. “But for me it just hasn’t been possible & it doesn’t worry me at all!”

Preach it, sister!

At the end of the day, Emily wants her followers to feel good about themselves, rather than aspiring to unattainable body types, and unrealistic representations of pregnancy on Instagram:

Thank you, Emily Skye, for injecting a big dose of self-love and positivity into our feed.