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Solid proof gym equipment is covered in germs

Like, WAY more than a toilet seat. vomits in mouth

Solid proof gym equipment is covered in germs

It’s not like we needed another excuse to stay away from the gym (we've got plenty of those), but here’s one that will seriously put you off going, and it’s cause for concern (AKA disgusting).

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According to findings from, the gym equipment you’re using is covered in 362 times more germs than a toilet.

3-6-2 TIMES MORE!!!!

And just like that, we’re never setting foot in a gym again.

The research was conducted by EmLab P&K, and they collected bacteria samples from 27 pieces of gym equipment at three different gyms to see exactly what’s living on those machines, and it’s freakin’ gross.

To break it down for you, there’s over 1 million germs per square inch on each piece of equipment.

Out of all the bacteria they found on the treadmills, exercise bikes and free weights, over 70 per cent of it is potentially harmful to humans – with some of the bacteria causing skin, ear, eye and respiratory infections, pneumonia and septicaemia.

While we are shocked by these results, considering the number of people that work out in a gym each day, we’re also not really surprised.

Once we’ve recovered from this news, and maybe head back to a gym, well definitely be wiping the machines down before and after a session.

We’ll also probably slather ourselves in hand sanistiser too – which we’ll now need to buy in hospital-style bulk.

But in all seriousness, you should still work out. After all, it's healthy and stuff.

Just be sure not to touch your face while you're there, wash your hands post-session, and throw your gym gear into the wash when you get home.