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Harry Potter yoga is an actual thing and it involves wands

Sink into that chair pose like you’re sitting on the Hogwarts Express!

By Erin Cook

Whether you’re a wizard, muggle or a squib, it’s safe to say that everyone could benefit from a little bit of yoga. Nothing puts an end to Voldemort-induced nightmares like a bit of organised deep breathing.

Now, thanks to a studio in Austin, Texas, mere mortals can get in on the magic with Harry Potter themed yoga classes.

Sisters Isabel Belran and Ximena Larkin are the masterminds behind the events. The pair decided to put a spin on their regular Pints & Poses yoga class which is held as the Circle Brewing Co.

The first of the classes took place the day before Halloween, to mark the anniversary of Lily and James Potter’s death.

A sorting hat was involved and all of the participants were definitely seen waving their wands about.

According to, the phrases “Imagine you’re sitting on the Hogwarts Express!" and “Come on, Dumbledore’s Army!” were also bandied about.

When it comes to Harry Potter style yoga, the tree pose is now the Whomping Willow pose and the yoga mats also double as invisibility cloaks.

The bad news is that the classes are only available in Austin. However, here’s a version of Harry Potter yoga that we found on YouTube. BYO wand and round glasses.