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Consuming chocolate and caffeine together has amazing health benefits

~Orders a Mocha~

The day has finally come where we can enjoy our coffee and our chocolate together, without all the guilt.

Aside from tasting excellent, science has confirmed that your mocha order is actually doing your body good.

Recent research from Clarkson University and the University of Georgia studied the effects of caffeine and choccy on mood and cognition.

Participants in the study were given a bunch of caffeine-infused drinks, while others were given one with coffee and cocoa. The coffee-only drinkers reported an increase in anxiety levels, however, those who drank it with the cocoa didn't.

The reason? Turns out cocoa cancels out caffeine's anxiety-inducing influence.

Adding cocoa also has a bunch of other benefits, including reducing your blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels, and it's packed with antioxidants.

So the next time you want to pull an all-nighter but want to avoid becoming a jittery mess, go for a mocha.