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Hilary Duff reveals exactly what she eats in a day and we're taking notes

'Cause you are what you eat and who doesn’t want to be Hilary Duff?

By Natasha Harding
Hilary Duff

Between the hectic filming schedule for her new show Younger and looking after her adorbs son Luca, we could totally understand it if Hilary Duff had a kinda low-key, minimum effort food plan.

But rather than making excuses about being so damn busy to eat healthy (like us), she reveals her day-to-day food diary to Marie Claire and it’s making us feel two things: guilty for not eating a balanced diet for the last five years, and also inspired to up our food game.

Her secret? Cutting back on the sugar and dairy while trying to minimise those pesky carbs.

So here it is, the breakdown of exactly what Hilary eats in a day:


For the most important meal of the day Hillary either goes one of three ways: oatmeal (with almond butter and golden syrup or raisins), toast (made with Ezekiel bread and topped with egg whites and cheese, or covered in tomato and avo - YUM), or a shake (either a green mix or protein-heavy op).


She’s not here for any of that soy/almond/rice milk stuff – “I drink cow's milk; it's so rebellious,” she tells the publication. “I feel like everyone's like, ‘cow's milk?!’, but I love it.”


Hilz stocks up on protein at lunch time by ordering lean meats, like fish and turkey, with a side of salad (and maybs French fries ‘cause why the eff not?).


As for dinner? Well, she keeps things a little more low-key and often eats out or has meals delivered. Having said that, if she wants to get her chef on, she’ll simply whip up some ~gourmet~ paleo scallops in curry sauce or steak with a side of peaches or pineapple.

Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some supermarket shopping to do.